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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday Tip - Use Craigslist

This morning I was reminded of how much I love Craigslist.  We sold something this morning and I was thinking about how easy it was to post the "junk" I wanted to get rid of, find a buyer, and make money.  It's great!  And everything is free to use - unlike ebay or a listing in the paper.  Craigslist is really useful for those things that are a little bit too valuable to take to the local Goodwill.  And with it being local, you don't have to worry about shipping costs and making sure the item gets to the buyer. 

Basically you just go to, find your city (or the city closest to you), create a login, and then post your item under the appropriate category.  And then there's the fun of waiting for dozens and dozens of responses from people who are really excited to get whatever it is you're trying to get rid of.  Like in October when we listed our old fridge and within 24 hours I had received over 50 responses from people wanting it.  Ridiculous!  

And, it's a great resource for finding quality, used items.  We've bought a jogging stroller, a bookcase, a booster seat, and many more.  With no bidding, no shipping costs, being able to quickly and easily talk to the seller (and barter for the cost), it's a great place to look for all sorts of things.  So take a look - you might find a really good deal!  

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