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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Apparent You're a Parent

The other night I spent about 15 minutes carefully scrubbing the ears of a stuffed bunny. I had to be really careful how I cleaned it because in the bunny's head is a music box and it can't get wet or it won't work anymore. After I carefully scrubbed "Bunni-friend's" ears, I wrapped her head up in a towel, put her in a garment bag, and put her in the dryer on "gentle." There was a lot of effort put into insuring the bunny's safety.

But it was all worth it. When I gave her Bunni-friend back, Charissa eagerly grabbed her and pulled her in for a hug and then rested her head on Bunni-friend's head. I guess this is just one thing in a long series of things I will do to make my daughter happy.

Parenting is such a great picture of God's nature. I would give any good thing to Charissa happily and delight to sacrifice for her. And it doesn't matter what she does, or how she acts, or even if she ever says "thank you." I do it because she is mine. God gives because we are His and it is His delight to lavish good gifts on us. We don't deserve them, we can't earn them, and we'll never be able to repay Him. But we should say "thank you" - and often!

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