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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Learning From Mama

Today Charissa did two hysterical things. We were playing in the morning and Charissa had her little toy phone in front of her. She picked up the receiver, put it to her ear and said, "hi!" Then she hung up the phone (she literally put it back on the base properly), picked it up and repeated this process like twenty times. I think she's practicing to be a receptionist.

The second funny thing she did this morning, was that she chauffeured her baby around the living room. She put the baby on her little school bus and then pushed her all around the room. Here's some pictures:

The baby gets a nice seat in the front of the bus ...

... then gets to go head-first into the wall ...
... then gets dumped on the floor...
...the baby gets back on the bus, but then Charissa does what no parent is supposed to do - leave your child alone in a car. Oh well - I guess we have time to teach her those rules.

It was just one of those days that made me realize how fun my "job" is.

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