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Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Pictures!

Here's some more pictures ...

My sister-in-law's sister Laura got married on the 29th of December so my family all got together to attend. And Charissa took her first steps during the service!! My brother Rusty and sister-in-law Kathryn were both in the wedding and looking quite glamorous.

The very happy couple, Gabe and Laura, dancing together.

There is a picture of me when I'm about Charissa's age wearing a sash in front of a Christmas tree that says "1984" that I wore that New Year's Eve. I was trying to recreate it with CJ, but she wouldn't sit still! We tried for a very long time, so Britt finally just held her in front of the tree. Oh well. She's still pretty cute!

What happens when Charissa is unsupervised with the file box.
Good thing these were empty!

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