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Friday, August 29, 2008

Care Package Fun!

Charissa received a care package this week from my brother and sister-in-law who live near in Seattle. It was the cutest little skirt and a shirt with different pictures of fruits on it. Since the outfit fit and it was in season, Charissa wore it the very next day. I thought the outfit was great, but I think Charissa loved the box more. I was trying to get a picture of her in the new clothes to send to her aunt and uncle, but mostly what I got was Charissa standing in a shoe box.

And yes, she did stand there for several minutes eating her snack. She loves boxes and baskets of all kinds. If her feet can get in them, she'll stand in them. If she can manage to sit in it/on it, she will. So if you ever want to send Charissa a care package, don't worry about filling the box. She'll gladly accept the empty box. She's easy to please.

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