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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Music Appreciation 101

Britt came home from work yesterday and said that we should start playing different types of music for Charissa so that she is exposed to a wide variety. I was more than willing to try this because CJ and I have recently been listening to some of her "children's music" CDs and I wasn't sure how much more of that I was going to be able to stand.

So last night we went out to "School Kids" which is a music store on Hillsborough Street near campus. We went to their used CD rack and started perusing all the gems that were there. Here's what treasures we ended up getting:
  • Can't Keep a Good Man Down by the Clarendonians (Jamaiccan ska & jazz)
  • The Guide (Wommat) by Youssou N'dour (Senegalese percussionist and singer)
  • Love Songs by Willie Nelson (American folk singer)
  • Meet the CareBears by the CareBears (American greeting card characters that have somehow found their voice and sing about sharing, friendship, caring, happiness and fun!)
This morning in the car Charissa and I listened to Willie Nelson and she waved her hands like she was conducting an orchestra. It was so cute!

Hopefully we'll continue broadening her musical horizons and allowing her to listen to lots of different genres and styles. So if you have any CDs that you're going to get rid of - pass them on to us!

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