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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Drawing With Charissa

Today when I sat down to nurse Verity, Charissa sat next to me and said she wanted to color. Well, what she really wanted was for me to color. I asked her what she wanted to draw and she said "Uncle Russy." So I drew Uncle Russy in business attire because I'm sure he was at work while we were drawing. All those dots on his face is my left-handed attempt at a beard.

After we finished one drawing she wanted to do another one. Another Uncle Russy, but this time as a cowboy. Very nicely drawn. Note the boots. She made sure that he had boots.

Then we drew Uncle Russy with a swimming suit ... and boots ... and a cowboy hat. Just like he is so prone to wearing ...

And our last Russy is in normal clothes, but he is holding two bowls of soup. I'm not sure why. Her little mind is very creative ... and random.

So after all of our Uncle Russy pictures, we had to do one of Aunt Kitty Kat. She's wearing normal clothes (if I could draw normal clothes), but Charissa wanted to make sure she had a belt. Very nice.

So drawing might not be one of my fortes while nursing, but I can play a mean game of Wii tennis while nursing.

1 comment:

meriksen621 said...

I love these pictures! I think Charissa gets her sense of creativity and craftiness from her mama! :) I love you guys!
--Auntie M.