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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Tip - Resource Books

I was going to blog about a totally different subject, in fact I was sitting down and writing it yesterday morning when Charissa comes out of her bedroom covered in vomit.  Yup - a Treece girl is sick again.  But that's a different story.  So, there's vomit on her bed, on the carpet, on all her bedding ... her room reeks.  And I have a very sensitive nose, so even the slightest of ill smelling things drive me nuts (just ask my husband).  I had a very big problem on my hands.  

I washed everything immediately.  Charissa, the bedding, the floors.  But the room still stunk.  Before I could spiral into complete despair I remembered that I have the book How to Clean Practically Anything.  A few quick flips through the book and I find the specific ways to clean vomit out of your carpet - in four easy steps no less!  And now I am glad to report that my carpet is once again stinky-free.  

It just reminded me of how thankful I was to have that book on hand.  I'm sure I could have looked it up on the internet, but it was nice to have a book from a credible source that I could grab quickly off the shelf and find what I needed.  And the best part - I bought that book at a thrift store for a dollar.  

Have a few reference books in your library.  I have a couple on household tricks, one of children's illnesses, and one on household repairs.  I'm sure they can be expensive, but if you go to your local used bookstore or thrift store, I'm sure you'll be able to find a few pretty cheaply.  

The next book I want to read is How to Keep Your Kids from Ever Getting Sick Again.  Although I'm not sure the research is done for it ...


Anonymous said...

How do you get Vomit smell out of a carpet? Now I want to know!! Thanks !!

Samantha said...

So what's the trick to get out the vomit?