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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend.  We were finally healthy enough to be with other people so we went to our church's "Family Room" which is dinner and then a short talk on something related to marriage and family.  It was so nice to see people again!  

Then Saturday my parents came up to see the girls.  Since Charissa tends to stick closely to Britt and I when we are around, we decided to go out so my parents could get some undivided attention.  We went to the Scrap Exchange (which I plan to blog about tomorrow) in downtown Durham having so much fun shopping for unique craft supplies, fabrics, and books.  Then we went to a little Mexican restaurant for lunch and it was surprisingly delicious.  They even served their rice and beans in tiny taco salad shells.  Such attention to detail!  We had a great time together and I literally laughed so hard I cried at one point.  It was one of the best dates we've had in a long time.  And to reveal our true nerdiness, on the way to and from downtown Durham we read a vocabulary building book and laughed about the words we did and didn't know and how I kept mispronouncing everything in my attempt to pronounce them correctly.  

When we got home we just hung out with my parents.  My dad helped Britt cut some wood for our attic floor and my mom gave me some advice on a few sewing projects I'm working on.  It's so nice that my parents are able to help us on such a wide variety of subjects.  

Sunday we spent at home resting and playing with the girls.  Verity has started smiling in response to things we do and has even started cooing.  She's so fun!  If possible Charissa is even more interested in her and always wants to hold Baby V and burp her (she must think Verity is terribly gassy).  

It was a truly a great weekend.


C. Starchenko, Head Scibbler said...

I ADORE the scrap exchange. I try to get there every couple of months since I found it last year.

The Treeces said...

Hello! We are also the Treece family! We stumbled across you guys when someone put in the wrong blogger address. Just wanted to say hello.