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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Tip - Food Tidings

So I had something else scheduled for today's Tuesday Tip, but after I read about this website from Carolyn McCulley, I just had to tell everyone about it.  It's called Food Tidings and it's a website to help you organize taking meals to people. So instead of staying on your computer all day to make sure everyone hits "reply all" when they sign up for dates or assuring that everyone has all the information they need (contact info, food allergies, food preferences, etc.), here is one website that does it all!  All you have to do is put in the dates meals are needed, their preferences, a few contact details and presto! - you have an online sign-up sheet that updates itself so you have no double bookings.  Food Tidings even has a prompt to ask what meal you're planning on bringing which is then posted for everyone to see, assuring that the receipients don't get 17 casseroles.  

So this website makes me really happy because our church has a rather large pregnant population that we bring meals to after their babies are born.  This could make all the arranging so much easier for everyone.  No more running around after service trying to make sure that all the slots are taken or that everyone gets the handout with all the info on it.  

So enjoy Food Tidings!  Use it anytime you need to arrange meals for family, friends, or coworkers!  

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