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Saturday, February 07, 2009


The Treece family has been struck by the dreaded RSV virus.  Charissa got sick last Sunday evening and we thought she just had a bad cold, but then Verity started getting sick on Thursday and her symptoms were more intense.  All day Friday I watched her respiratory rate climb, she started wheezing, and she became congested.  Very scary things for a 6 week old.  When I called the nurse that night she listened to Verity's breathing and said, "How quickly can you get to the hospital?"  When I told her we could be there in 15 - 20 minutes she said, "Make it 10."  Panic and chaos immediately ensued.  However, when Verity was checked out in triage it wasn't as dire as the nurse made out, so my heart started beating again.  Britt and I were at the hospital until 130 AM hanging out with Verity while the doctor's checked her out and confirmed that she had RSV (Charissa was at our neighbor's house spending the night - we are so thankful for the Sylvies!).  

So we are officially quarantined until Saturday (combine that with staying home all last week and you have some stir-crazy girls).  So far we've done a lot of baking, coloring, and movie watching.  If you have any fun activities that don't involve mingling with the outside world, we'd love to hear them!

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