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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Valentine's Day Preparations

I don't normally do a lot for Valentine's Day, but this year I decided to make a wreath.  I found the idea on another blog where she took 1.5" ribbon and tied bows around a wire hanger that she had turned into a loop.  Well, since I have two girls (and I love red) I had a lot of fabric scraps in the red/pink genre, so I used that in addition to ribbon.  I didn't realize how much it was going to take to make this wreath, but after bow tying for 2 hours here's what I had:
And the best thing about this wreath was that I didn't have to buy anything to make it.  Woo-hoo!

I found the idea to make Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies from felt from the blog Create Studio.  Mine aren't nearly as nice as her's, but she is a professional artist so I'm going to cut myself some slack.  

Instead of writing messages on the slips of paper, I wrote questions.  At dinner Britt and I pull out several fortune cookies and ask each other whatever is on them.  Some are silly questions, but a lot are about our marriage, so it's been a nice build up to V-day.  

Oh - and if you have children you should get the book "The True Story of St. Valentine: Beyond Cards and Candied Hearts."  It's a wonderful book that teaches children that Valentine's Day is really about a man who stood up for his beliefs.  

Enjoy your loved ones on Valentine's Day!

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Sarah said...

Thanks so much for linking to my blog! I found your post on my site meter. I appreciate your sweet comments! Thanks for visiting!