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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Charissa's First Prayer

Charissa has really bad eczema and it's aggravated by heat so summer can be hard on her. She was crying in her carseat yesterday morning because she was itching so badly. Since I was driving I couldn't really help her, so I told her that she needed to pray for help. Here was our conversation:

Me: Charissa you need to pray that Jesus helps you not feel itchy.
CJ: Waaaa!
Me: Charissa, say "Jesus, help."
CJ: [wimper, wimper]
Me: Charissa, say, "Jesus"
CJ: Jee-zus
Me: Say, "help"
CJ: Ehlp
Me: That's right, just say "Jesus, help" and He will help you through your itchiness.
CJ: Jee-zus ehlp.

And He did help her. She was much happier for the rest of the trip home. It's a good first pray for her to learn because it's pretty applicable in every situation. In the evening, we worked on our second prayer - "Jesus, thank you." Charissa was able to say that one a few times as well. It's very exciting to see Charissa be able to start praying and communicating with God.

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kari said...

SOOOO sweet!!!!