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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little Girls Get Special Treats When Their Mama is Tired

Britt hurt his back over the weekend and thus has been laid out since about Saturday. That means I pretty much have two people that I have to run around caring for, bringing stuff to, and keeping entertained. And I'm pregnant. So as you can imagine, I've been a little worn out. Yesterday I told Charissa that she had to do a quiet activity and sit still for just a few minutes so that I could rest. If any of you know my child you know that she doesn't sit still. She runs. She investigates. She's loud. She rarely does quiet and still.

That's where Bambi comes in. Charissa got to sit in her new pink chair, have a cup of milk and a graham cracker, and watch Bambi. Well ... we watched about 20 minutes of it before she got restless and started a-wandering again. But we had lots of fun. I realized after I put it on, that it was actually a good movie to watch and talk about animals because the animals were mostly realistically drawn and were acting normal (except for that whole talking thing). So we pointed out birds and bunnies and flowers and trees ... we had a good time together. So even though Bambi might be one of the most boring Disney movies ever, there are some merits for watching it (no offense to those who love Bambi).

Here's some pictures of Charissa enjoying the movie:

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