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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Museum Day Acheived!

Charissa and I actually made it to the museum today. And not just one museum - two! It helps that they are right across from each other, but it was still quite an achievement. We looked at exhibits about duck models used in hunting, how North Carolinians had contributed to every war, photographs of the Civil Rights Movement in NC, bugs native to NC, and all sorts of interesting things. We missed the "meet the animal" time, so no live animals today - but hopefully we'll make it back to see whatever it is they keep at the museum. I really hope it's not bugs.

Here are some pictures of CJ enjoying all the culture:

It's hard to tell, but she's talking on the phone. Clearly a no-no in the museum.

I like this picture just because she looks pretty. I'm totally biased.

Clearly, she's enjoying herself. She has the explanation to all the waterfowl exhibits in front of her. Oh, if only she could read ...

After the museum visits, we stopped and got a sno-cone. It was Charissa's very first sno-cone, and she's a BIG fan.

Here she is reaching with all her might to grab hold of the elusive sno-cone. I think she ate 3/4 of it. For some reason they didn't have spoons, so I ended up just putting it in her sippy cup. She is one very happy little girl.

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