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Monday, July 21, 2008

Museum Day! {canceled}

Since Charissa had "hand, foot, and mouth disease" last week she's quarantined from playing with other children until this Wednesday. It gets kind of boring having to stay in the house and stare at each other all day, so we decided to go to a museum. (You see, if you keep your kid in a stroller and don't let them touch anything/anyone, they aren't going to infect anyone and thus you can somewhat go out into the public.) We invited our friends Julie and Nathan to go with us because Nathan was also sick with hand, foot, and mouth so they're allowed to play with each other. Well, we got all the way out to the Art Museum when we saw a sign that said "Museum Closed." What's up with that? Who knew that art took Monday's off.

So ... we went to the mall. We walked around for a while and talked and window shopped. I even got a new dress to wear to a wedding Britt and I are going to next weekend. And Charissa and Nathan got balloons from the Hallmark store. Charissa referred to it as her "pritty boon." She also said "dank ou" to the lady who made it for her.

So, word to the wise - make sure you check that the museum is open before you go out there.

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