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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Fun New Website

A good friend of ours pointed us to this website called Basically, you can go online and rate books, talk with other people about books, get suggestions on what to read, and if you have any friends who are also using the site you can find out what they have read and are reading. It's so fun! (Yes, I do realize I'm a nerd.) I spent a ridiculous amount of time online yesterday adding books that I had read to my "bookshelf." And, they have trivia questions about books and I really love testing my knowledge of literature.

I am so thankful for this because I was just talking with some friends about how I don't feel like I'm studying anything anymore and I really want to be intellectually stimulated. Sometimes I really miss school. Not the tests or the deadlines or the pressure, but I do miss the classes and reading and learning. Right now I'm reading one of my old history textbooks, and I'm really enjoying it. Plus, I'm finding out how shockingly little I retained. Always fun.

So go to the website and enjoy books!

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