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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday is Pool Day

Every Thursday Charissa and I go to the pool with whatever friends are available to go with us. We play in the pool, we have a picnic lunch and we enjoy the splash park and enjoy running around in the sun. My friend Julie took some pictures this week, and since I never take my camera, I stole her pictures to put on the blog. Enjoy!

Charissa and Nathan follow each other around the splash park for a good bit of the time we're there.

Doesn't she look like a tiny majorette marching in a parade?!

So typical - all three children in one spot falling over each other.

If you're ever bored on a Thursday you should come to the pool with us. Only one more month of splish-splash fun! Unless I start going to the indoor pool at Pullen Park. I'm just imagining how nice that will feel when I'm 8 months pregnant and feeling the full effects of gravity on my belly. Yikes!

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