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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Amazing Self-Potty-Training Girl

On Monday Charissa was playing by herself while I was putting away her laundry.  But then all of a sudden she burst through the room and said - quite excitedly - "Mama!  I pee-pee!"  Did I mention that she had no pants on?  So I follow her to her bathroom and discover that she had in fact used her potty ... with no prompting ... and no help.  What a little weirdo.  Well, she's kept up this habit all week.  She'll just come bursting over to me (pant-less) and proclaim that she's used her potty.  In fact, she's started doing it several times a day. I think she's potty training herself because she likes the privacy. In fact, I tried to get pictures of her and this is what ended up happening:

I catch her sitting on the potty, and pull out the camera.  She notices me, and smiles at first, but then tells me I need to leave so she can have some privacy. 
And then she closes the door.

It's so strange.  She has also started changing her own diapers.  She even puts the old one away in the diaper champ.  And while I'm very impressed with her independence, I told her she really needs mama to do the diaper changes.

So my little self-potty-training-wonder-child might be out of diapers soon.  Which I am a-ok with.  Especially if she's going to be so helpful to the process.  

And PS - doesn't she look so grown up in these pictures?  Sometimes I look at her and I feel like I see flashes of what she's going to look like later.  I think I can see some of that in these pictures.  

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