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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maybe My Education Did Prepare Me for Motherhood

A few weeks ago I wrote about fixing a few books Charissa had destroyed. Well, I had to fix another one this week. As I was working to piece the small fragments together I was reminded of when I was in college and I worked as a research assistant for one of the history professors.  Not many of you probably know this, but I worked with a professor to catalog and rebuild earthenware vessels found at one of the earliest known church sites in the world. My professor insists that it is the oldest, but I'm not sure that's a conclusive fact yet. I spent many hours searching through piles of small, broken pieces of clay trying to rebuild them into jars, bowls, lamps, plates, etc. Imagine a box of hundreds of pieces of clay all the same color, trying to put them together without a picture to go by or even knowing what you were building (it could be a jar, but it could be a bowl). That was my job. And it was in a warehouse that was quite cold. And I pretty much worked alone. And by "worked alone" I mean "I was the only one in the building." It was an interesting job.

This piece is similar to some of what I worked on. 

This is a page out of the book I was working on today.  See the similarities?

Anyway - Britt was asking me why I was bothering to try putting the pieces back together from Charissa's book and I was totally unfazed by the challenge.  I just realized that it's probably because I've worked on much harder items ... that were irreplaceable historic relics.  Not just a Dr. Seuss book.  

So, now I can officially say that I can see how my college education has prepared me for my job as a mama.  

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C. Starchenko, Head Scibbler said...

Thats AMAZING Bestsy! I was an anthro major in college and I did the same thing except for archeologists. I spent 2 or three semesters in a basement picking animal bones, teeth, beads, pot shards, and chemapodia seeds from midden deposit samples. I don't know about you, but I loved it. I thought I was the only one who did that sort of thing in college...