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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Charissa Loves Weddings

This weekend we went to the wedding of my sister-in-law's sister Shelley and her now-husband Jarred.  It was a beautiful ceremony and we had so much fun being together with my family.  Here's a little recap:
Nana & Grumpa with the girls - and no we don't have Amish roots.
Verity and her beautiful Aunt Kitty Kat who was a matron of honor (Kat's other sister Laura was also a matron of honor).
These are the bridesmaids' shoes.  How cool are they?  They actually only wore them at the reception, but I thought they were pretty fun.  Definitely beats the candy necklaces my bridesmaids wore to the reception.
And since both the bride and groom went to UNC, the cake was decorated accordingly.  First time I've ever seen a wedding cake with feet on it.  
This is what Charissa did for about an hour at the reception.  Danced, danced danced!  
She boogy-woogy-ed and sashayed her way around that dance floor.
And, as you can see, so was the bride. :)  Charissa danced so much that her feet began to hurt, and the next day she was limping a little bit.  Reminds me of my own wedding where the shoes I wore caused me to limp for 3 days straight.  Good times.  
I guess since the bride is gone on her honeymoon, there's no harm in posting what I gave them as a wedding present.  Since the fortunate couple had already received the vast majority of their registries, I had to be a little creative with my present - a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed.  I found my idea from here, but had to modify it because they used baby hangers and I used adult hangers.  

I know most of the time I say my projects were simple, not so this time.  First of all, I didn't really think about the size difference between baby hangers and adult hangers until mine didn't fit on the sheet of scrapbook paper.  So instead of cutting out one piece per side, I had to use two and piece them together.  Not so easy with wood and decoupage.  But I still think they turned out rather nicely and I'm hoping that I can make some more for my own coat closet.  

It was a very fun wedding.  It also started me thinking about the relationships sisters have since Kat is one of three girls.  I'm praying that my girls are much like them in that they laugh together a lot and you can see the bonds that years of playing together, fighting with each other, growing up constantly being each others' support can create.    

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