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Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm Quite Impressed, And You Should be Too

My brother Bob lives out in Washington state and gets to enjoy all the cold weather fun we miss out on.  Including, building himself an igloo.  Well, him and a few friends.  They went out to Mt Rainer and constructed an igloo.  I heard that each brick weighed 15 pounds and that they were literally sleeping under a ton of snow.  And all six guys slept in the igloo that night.  Incredible.  Here are some pictures so you believe me.

You see that crazy guy without a shirt on while everyone else is bundled up in snow suits and gloves and hats?  That's my brother.  

To be fair, the group included one architect, a marine turned coast guard, another ex-marine, and a guy from the air force (I know that only adds up to 4 and there are 6 guys, but I can't remember what the other ones do).  So yah ... they came in with some advantages.  But still - pretty impressive.

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