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Monday, September 08, 2008

Adventures with Toddlers

Life is always interesting with a toddler. Whether it's wanting to wear 3 hairbows instead of one, deciding that heeled, zip-up boots really do go best with shorts, that toys really are displayed best all over the floor, or that manicotti tastes better with Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing there is just no end to their creativity and interests.

That also means that rebellion is close behind. Sometimes curiosity and imagination crosses the boundary of obedience. It's hard to know how to love your child and allow them to grow and experiment, but also to lovingly guide them down a wise path.

Today our challenge was the highchair. Charissa wanted to sit in a "big girl chair" instead of her highchair. There was much crying, saying "no", pushing away her food ... it was a moment. We had a talk, she was disciplined, and after she calmed down we decided to just eat on the floor. Who knew that she would like that so much! Normally she's the very routinized child who likes things a certain way, but today she was completely fine with lunch on the floor. As the pictures clearly point out ...

The next few pictures are of Charissa trying to get closer to the camera and then she wanted to pose for the camera while she was about 2 inches away from it. Silly girl.

So yes, sometimes life with a toddler is exhausting. But then again, we're training her up in a way so that hopefully she will walk in wisdom the rest of her life. It's worth it.

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