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Friday, September 19, 2008

Looking for Suggestions ...

We have like 3 videos for Charissa. Which has never been a problem because it's only been within the last couple of weeks that she's even been interested in what's on the television. But it got me thinking that I don't even know of any good videos to get her. And I'd like to have some more on hand for when I'm trying to take care of a newborn and keep the insanely active toddler entertained.

Does anyone have any suggestions for videos? It can be Christian, educational, musical ... whatever. Just not something that's going to drive me crazy.


1 comment:

Maxwell House said...

Check out Steve Green's "Hide 'Em in Your Heart" movies. They are verses set to music...basically kids Christian music videos. I love them!

Here's the updated ones (there are older ones that came out in the 90's, too--they're the same songs I think, just outdated clothes, hehehe):