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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big Helper

We babysat our friend's 2.5 month old baby today and it was so fun! There were a few rough moments when Charissa wanted our attention, but overall she did really well and loved to help care for the baby.

First she tried to give Ellie lots of toys. It was a little difficult for CJ to understand that Ellie's version of play is much different from her own.
Then she just wanted to touch and kiss the baby all over. While I am trying to appreciate and promote the loving feelings towards babies, I have to stay on guard for accidental pokings and Charissa falling over in her attempts to be near the baby. It was pretty cute to watch her keep leaning over and kiss Ellie's little cheek.
I've been considering getting an Ergo for when Verity comes, but it's hard for me to make a decision because I've never used one and I didn't really use a carrier with Charissa at all. I asked Kari if we could borrow hers and use it with Ellie just to see what it was like. I'm totally convinced. It was really comfortable and really easy to use. Charissa is also convinced. As soon as I took it off she wanted to wear it and put her baby doll in it.

Isn't she precious? She's going to be such a good little helper.

She also "held" Ellie in her lap and "fed" her a bottle. Every time Ellie made a noise Charissa would say "baby!" It was just so cute to watch her love on Ellie and want to help take care of her. And I know it's going to be different with Verity because we'll keep her and Charissa will have to learn how to share everything all the time, but it was nice to see that she does desire to love and care for a baby. I'm telling you - Charissa has extra amounts of femininity.

I'm starting to get really excited about having two little girls. :)

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