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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuesday Tip - Frozen Meals

A friend of mine asked me the other day about freezing meals and stocking them for busy days and economy eating, and at the bottom of the email she said "for the record, I find this very blog-worthy." So, I'm blogging about it.

There are lots of ways to prepare and freeze meals. I don't know them all. But I do know what works for me. Occasionally I set aside a day that I cook/prepare 5-10 meals and stick them in my freezer. Other times I just make a double batch of something and portion off half to be saved in the freezer. It really depends on what you want to do. But I have found that it's really helpful to have healthy, home-cooked meals in my freezer that I can pull out on a day that I know I'll be too busy to cook, or just don't feel like cooking. It's far cheaper than frozen lasagnas or eating out. And, they make great gifts for someone who is sick, recently had a baby, or is going through a busy period in their life. Hand them 2-3 frozen meals with instructions on how to heat them up and you've made their week.

I was going to write lots and lots of info for you, but I've recently found a website that talks about freezing meals and it's so much clearer and has more info and recipes than anything I could do for you, so I'm just going to refer you to the website. The website is called and the article is called Feed the Freezer. It's not that long, and it's really helpful if you are interested in learning how to freeze meals.


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Julie said...

What a great idea!!