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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

God Moves in Mysterious Ways

On Saturday night Charissa woke up at 100 AM crying. Once we had her settled down she asked to eat. We knew she hadn't eaten a lot that day and thought maybe she really was hungry enough to wake up, so we gave her a little snack. While we were all sitting there Britt and I started talking about how little Charissa will eat during the average day. Britt prayed for her and asked God that He would give her an appetite.

On Sunday night we had pizza and pears for dinner. As we were waiting for the pizza to finish cooking and then for it to cool, we gave Charissa some pear slices. She ate 3/4 of a pear - which is monumental for her. Then we gave her a piece of pizza, and she ate the whole thing. She actually wanted more, so we gave her a second slice. She ate all of it too! AND wanted more. So we gave her about half of a slice and she ate it all. It was amazing! It also took her a good 45 minutes to accomplish all this, so dinner was a long affair for us that night.

So after dinner CJ had to take a bath (she was wearing quite a bit of pizza sauce), but then as we were getting her into her pajamas, she looks at me and says "eat?" while doing the sign for it. I looked at her incredulously, and asked "you want to eat more?" to which she simply responded "moh." So she got pudding. Two helpings! Plus a cup of milk.

Britt and I were stunned. We didn't know what to think. And then we remembered that we had prayed for this very thing just the night before. What an obvious answer to prayer! Here we were thinking she must have gotten a tapeworm or something, when God was giving us exactly what we had asked for. Doesn't that just show you how little we recognize God for answered prayers? Or that we ever realize He's given us an answer? We immediately thanked God and told Charissa that we were so glad God was working in her life and using her as a blessing to her parents.

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