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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Currently Reading ....

Not a lot. For some reason I can't get motivated to read. And this NEVER happens to me. I'm usually reading 2 books at a time and can finish them in a week (I'm a very fast reader). But for some reason I'm not inspired to read anything. Not even light hearted fiction which is so easy to read. Maybe I got burned out from all the reading I did this summer, but I'm really hoping that I can get back on the ball soon. I just feel like my thinking has gone down a notch or two and it's not helpful to my husband when he needs to read for school or work and I walk up and say, "I'm bored."

I do have a new fall reading list though. I'm using the term "fall" to imply when the list starts, not that I expect to finish them all within this season. Here's my list:
Next week I am planning on starting Marriage to a Difficult Man, so please pray that I actually open the book!

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