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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We've Gone Green!

Well, one of our bathrooms did at least. We painted our hall bathroom a bright kelly green and I really like it! I mean, I picked the color, but it turned out even better than I thought. Britt and I describe it as "feeling like the inside of a blade of grass." We also took out the towel rod and replaced it with 3 hooks. The towel rod could really only hold one towel, but with three hooks you can hang so many more towels, robes, bathing suits, etc. We like the hooks so much that we're thinking of installing them in our bathroom as well.

Sorry for the bad pictures, but I took them quickly and didn't get the whole room. We'll be taking about a month long break from decorating/painting and then we're going to attack the girls' room. My family and Britt's family are going to help us with that room so we should be able to finish it within a weekend - *hopefully*. Slowly but surely our house is taking on personality and becoming our own.

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